EAM Jaishankar meets his Brazil, Argentina, Japan counterparts to discuss ties, COVID

2022.01.19 06:59 CtoI_Singapore EAM Jaishankar meets his Brazil, Argentina, Japan counterparts to discuss ties, COVID

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2022.01.19 06:59 RedditLinEthan The shiny gods have blessed me once more

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2022.01.19 06:59 Pete_maravich Let's see the naysayers complain about this episode.

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2022.01.19 06:59 AlwaysPixel Primitive vs DGK completes?

I'm in a situation right now where I cant build a board but only get a complete. I was comparing and noticed that a DGK complete is more expensive than a primitive. Any reason for this? Better quality?
https://www.siteenstreet.com/collections/complete-skateboards/products/primitive-dirty-p-colony-complete-8-00 Primitive
https://www.siteenstreet.com/collections/complete-skateboards/products/dgk-bloom-red-complete-8-00 DGK
My other option is a toy machine:
Are there any superior to the other?
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2022.01.19 06:59 Rabenstag PSA: People who say "ff" after giving up first blood just want to overshadow their own mistake and not actually surrender the game.

So often I see people give up first blood and say "gg I'm done" or "alright let's ff" right after. Those kind of people actually do not want to surrender the game. They try to overshadow their own mistake, as they deeply inside know they themselevs fked up - therefore switching the focus away from their own mistake to generalizing the current game state.
People, you do not need to do this.
No one - literally no one - is thinking of giving up the game just because you made your first mistake - out of many - that occur during the game [...] You might think that your teammates will solely focus on that one mistake of yours from this point forward which is not the case.
After giving up first blood in a 1v1, 4 out of 5 people still play their usual game without any disadvantages - so stop dragging the entire team down because you know you misplayed and have no one else to blame. It might make you feel more powerful (in contrast to your current ingame situation) in that moment as you know the team is trying to "convince" you that the game is not over, just so you get the verbal feedback that your misplay wasn't that bad and that there's still hope left.
Just be positive to your teammates after you misplay or endure the silence that might comes after, but starting to play the victim so your teammates are forced to cheer you up is not the smartest move - as it more often than not backfires horribly.
Thank you.
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2022.01.19 06:59 FortuneFox2 Mermaid's Paradise

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2022.01.19 06:59 Venadore There's a £100,000 coin buried under this London building

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2022.01.19 06:59 SkeLeToR_666_ Weird lab results and update on my previous post

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2022.01.19 06:59 MOBAxDiscriminatioNx My issue with MOBA Games Chat/VoIP Abuse and The Unjust Reporting System!

I always wondered during playing an online game in general about the boundaries of communication and what can be said ethically in a game chat and what can`t be spoken of.
I understand that most of the people might say...we don`t care...please don`t engage our minds with such topic.
Yet in fact when you get treated fairly on unfairly once you come across a situation in which you are either abusing someone through an online game chat/written or in voice or someone is abusing you to the most, by your race, by your religion, by your level of education, by your financial state, by your own well being security and current state of happiness, success or sadness in life and makes fun of it!
I used to not care too, like most of the current young generation...
Till the past few weeks, when a very dear game to my heart announced that it will close down its servers for good and it will rest forever within 6 months from now.
It is a game which I lived the last 13 years of my life spending plenty of time on with my closest friends, and some of these friends now are scattered, whether they are engaged with their newly formed families and babies or whether they left our physical world already to a place we like to think of as a better place.
The reason I am bringing this topic up after a deep thought over it is that a large chunk of internet users in general tend to be more expressive behind a keyboard when they are addressing the internet community in general, which gaming is part of and in particular MOBA gaming.
By more expressive I mean they feel more freedom to spread their wings and fly, which is a healthy behavior, nothing is wrong with flying, yet the question is...are we using angel wings...or the devilish wings...
To make myself clear, every human being carries a percentage of good and a percentage of evil...we are not all good and not all evil by nature...since our early childhood we start to develop feelings based on our interaction with the world around us and consequently start feeding drop by drop that goodness or the evilness inside of us.
So when we spread our wings online...we start touching those are interact with us through this medium...a touch of bliss or a curse of hatred and despise...
Based on what...based on all of my fed in knowledge over the years...that indicates to me who is good and who is evil...
Based on a religion, ethnicity, geographical location and how is the reputation of that location in terms of wealth, health, education and wellbeing.
Some of us think, based on what we have been fed in the place which we live in, that a certain X religion holders are terrorists! They hate us! They spread fear!
Some of us think, based on what we have been told in our location of this world, that certain countries and parts of this world are living in caves, uneducated, live in the desert, eat and/or drink animals residue (waste), eat from trashcans, constantly conspiring on us.
Some of us think that we are superior to those who we have mentioned above on all the levels, be it religion, history, health, wealth, stability, education and we are smarter than them by birth right.
So when we spread our wings online, with good or evil and through any platform, streaming or gaming or just chatting rooms, we can start hurting those we think of as inferior to us by all the knowledge that our media, school, parents, politics and surroundings told us about them, regardless of the genuity of this knowledge and whether it is right to generalize our spoon fed knowledge on all of them.
Getting back to online gaming and specifically MOBA gaming and in particular Heroes of Newerth, which I fell in love with back in September 6th, 2009 and I almost begged my friend to get me a beta key to access the game and start an endless relationship of deep love between man and virtual reality and the fact that some of us were hurt and treated unfairly by those who are working on the game behind the scenes.
Their acts might be unintentional, I like to think and believe in this, as when I get discriminated and violently hurt by words and by voice from other users in this game and report it, the reports does not get entertained and I am talking about the recent weeks upon declaring the closure of the game servers by June 22nd, the period which accountable people will think it is ok to slack and ignore the common base of players concerns and only keep focusing on the cream level of the community and attend to their needs.
And guess what, they have a smart system to detect if the report is legit or not, and it turns down reports stating "Not Corroborated"! Imagine being called sadnigger and go suicide or kill yourself in a videogame and the smart AI system in place can`t detect a foul language and the people managing the system do not care anymore because the game is shutting down in 6 months!
Imagine being called in a video game the following, and these are multiple incidents and multiple games, which makes you wonder do some players just start the game and queue to hurt others and satisfy a certain ill need they have, more than playing the game itself!
I have been called for some reason the following on this game, knowing that I am an overweight person in real life and I was like that for more than 15 years now, which indicates that I am a kind hearted person more than an evil one and I am a pacifist in general so I do not seek or initiate trouble (common thing in obese people for some reason and it does not mean at all that being fat is a good thing, it is very unhealthy indeed and I am planning to work on it soon):
- Sadnigger.
- Anusborn.
- Black.
- Asked to go back to my cave.
- Told that I am a fken Syrian refugee who fled to Sweden and lives on the government welfare and I f*** my wife intensively to have 20 child and get more help from the government! (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- Told that I am a Palestinian refugee who is selling his sister in Sweden for a living and that my sister and more are prostitutes! (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- Go bomb mosques (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- You cant travel to any country (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- They are afraid from you bombing them (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- How u escaped Syria (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- I will let my whole tribe fk u (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- I will jump on ur mother son of a whore (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- My stream wanna hear it (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- Tell us how u escaped Syria prisons (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- Tell me how much they pay u for being a refugee (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- Tell us on the stream (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- Can u stfu and go kill urself (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- Fk lebanon (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- On my dik gay (This was live on a Twitch stream)
- Fk ur mother (This was live on a Twitch stream)
* Some of these insults and offenses were addressed to me over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol/In game voice chat) and the Senior GM who does not care asked me to provide a recording if I want any actions to be taken! And he/she knows for a fact that this is not possible, because the game does not record VoIP conversations and on Twitch this guy switched off the clipping option and playback to avoid punishment, so there is no way to provide a recording unless I know prior to the game that I am going to be shredded into pieces and spit upon and to have every and each bit and piece of my humanity and dignity humiliated by a videogame user within the game. (Am I queuing in a video game or entering an in real life combat zona?!)
In addition to the most commonly used offensive words like ape, dog, mother f****r, son of a w***e and these are trending like nothing, just play 3 games and I assure you that one of these 3 games will have at least one of the hall of fame flaming and abusive words or sentences.
I am not a person who anticipates from people to hurt me and I am not a person who gathers evidence and track others to record their faults or wrongdoings, I know that we are all imperfect and that we are vulnerable and prone to mistakes and errors, but when the people who are supposed to and assigned to handle a justice system and a corrective system anywhere in the world and be it physically existing or in a virtual reality, if these people in charge become unjust or picky or careless about doing their responsibilities as it is supposed to be done ethically and in accordance with the best followed practices or start to being biased by only paying the proper amount of attention to the closely known ones or the famous and influential users only, then I get out of my shell and speak up as loud as I can.
You know Masters of HoN staff, because I spent time, effort, money, energy and years of my life loving and cherishing the game, and what do we own as humans more valuable than time to dedicate and gift to someone or something we love...what of utmost value more than a human being time in this life....
Thank you for the master scene closure that demolished a huge part of my love that was built over the years to this game...My religion might be X and my color might be Y and my education level and financial status might be Z, but I am flesh and blood like you and I am not a VIP to those who insulted me through this beloved MOBA game and the Senior Game Masters felt like this guy is exaggerating and he is no one...I am someone...even a game bot is an existing being of zeroes and ones...I am sorry if I bothered you by my reports...maybe the tears that breached my eyeballs by force when called by sadnigger or black or anusborn or asked to commit suicide or sell my sister and mother for food, maybe those tears were just meaningless liquid which were shed due to an object that hurt my eyes...
Thank you for the bottom of my heart...
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2022.01.19 06:59 AutoModerator I have 17 new followers from Japan 🇯🇵, and more last week. See January 19, 2022 for Daily Twitter Followers

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2022.01.19 06:59 aeskandar Springboot\Spring Batch

I am working on a spring batch application, that has a common module as a dependency. Recently I moved my JPA Entities into the common module and removed them from the main module, but now I get that my Entities aren't a managed type, I guess smth in the Configuration of the app must be changed.
Now you should know that I tried all kinds of annotation straight forward solutions like u/Componentscan and Entityscan and so on with no success.
did anyone had similar problems.
once again I changed the Place of the JPA Entities into a Common module that is imported as a dependency in the main project pom file.
I'd be glad to hear from you guys.
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2022.01.19 06:59 littlemirta ready for the day

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2022.01.19 06:59 Revolutionary-Sir-99 What do you think I should name my cat?

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2022.01.19 06:59 Affectionate_Tart_81 Goodmorning, what’s for breakfast?

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2022.01.19 06:59 lss_bvt_ios_01 LssTest-TextPost-7117

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2022.01.19 06:59 team_kockroach "Encanto" Review

Melon better do this too or Abuela will whack him with a chancla.

The official tracklist is a little bloated with an instrumental score by Germaine Franco and some of Lin-Manuel's demos, so I want him to focus on the 8 main songs from "The Family Madrigal" to "Colombia, Mi Encanto".
It has Lin Manuel's fingerprints all over it, which means the lyricism is technically impressive and dense with internal rhymes but a little ham-fisted - kinda like Eminem. It also means a lot of people do this mix of rap-singing, and that most songs end with multi-layered harmonies. But I really enjoy the blends between 80's and 90's hip hop and R&B (very present on Hamilton) and the more Latin rhythms present in "In the Heights". Especially the strings and drums, which sound fantastic throughout the soundtrack.
I think Stephanie Beatriz (Mirabel) and Jessica Darrow (Luisa) are a little pitchy at moments. Especially the beginning of "Surface Pressure", which is way too low for Darrow's vocal range. But...as an animated Disney film, vocal performances are more on the "performance" side of things than technique, and I think everyone knocks their performances out of the park for the most part.
Overall, I really think this soundtrack could go toe-to-toe with anything from the Disney Renaissance. The pop hits ("The Family Madrigal", "Surface Pressure", "We Don't Talk About Bruno") are full of quotables, the ballads ("Waiting on a Miracle", "Dos Oruguitas") are really emotional, and each song seems incredibly sincere while not taking themselves too seriously for the most part.
"probably shouldn't give this a real score"/10
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2022.01.19 06:59 bs-Valiria Not a Blog - 'Escrevendo em um espaço com a questão da Olivia Cooke?

E sabemos o que aconteceu após o Torneio da Mão, somos apresentados a um par de pele de esquilo e veludo. O Grifo nos demonstra em pensamento que ele não cortaria muitos deles, algo que eu já tenha pensado antes. Confesso que me deixa com a curiosa conclusão de que ele conseguiu obter a cumplicidade de Hother Umber.
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2022.01.19 06:59 coropets2021 What is your "go-to" comfort food as a law school student?

I am just curious to know what is you "go-to" comfort food as a law student. Mine is proven and mami/pares.
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2022.01.19 06:59 777marc Nothing happens when I press this

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2022.01.19 06:59 ThePathIsAnIllusion New 7 features coming to the 6 as well...

According to https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2022/01/garmin-fenix7-7s-7x-in-depth-review.html :

Finally, those of you with Fenix 6 series watches are getting many, but not all, of the new software features in “an upcoming update”. Many of these were actually released over the weekend, but some are still outstanding. The specific list of features coming to the Fenix 6 series devices is:
– SkiView Ski maps (with the new resort/runs/XC ski trails features) – Health Snapshot (including HRV data) – Run/Walk/Stand Detection (in a workout) – HIIT 2.0 Activity profiles and Workouts – Better PulseOx error handling and spot checks – New Activity Profiles: Adventure Race, Wind Surfing, Kite Surfing, Tennis, Pickleball, Padel, Snowshoe – New Bike Profiles: eBike, eMTB, Road, Mountain, Indoor, Gravel, Cyclocross, Commute, Tour
Can we mention how _awesome_ this is? Most other companies would take every chance to "force" people to upgrade by either not adding the features ever, or by waiting for a few months before doing so...
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2022.01.19 06:59 crookedcrab What are your Tips and tricks for O/C’s at NTC.

Leaving in a few weeks to O/C at NTC first for one month
What things should I bring?
What’s some general tips and tricks to improve quality of life while there?
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2022.01.19 06:59 Ninjanoel LP yield farming pools on SundaeSwap

according to https://sundaeswap.finance/posts/wen-sundae :
Yield farming is a form of staking used by DEXs to reduce the volatility of their liquidity pools. You can learn more about yield farming on the SundaeSwap help section here. 500,000 SUNDAE will be allocated daily over at least the first six months of the DEX’s operation to yield farmers participating in the following liquidity pools:

does anyone have information about $LQ, $WMT, or $CARDS?
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2022.01.19 06:59 Completely_Amazed Is the Flite Test VCR kit good?

I’m trying to build my first FPV drone for around $200. I’ve been looking at kits as well as just individual parts lists.
I found the Flite Test VCR kit, but I haven’t been able to find any reviews of the kit. I was wondering if anyone here can take a look at the parts list and tell me what they think of it. I’ve never built a drone before and I don’t know what’s good or bad.
The kit runs for $180 and includes:
• FT Versacopter Racer - VCR Frame • FT Radial 2207 2400kv Brushless Motor (4) • HGLRC 20x20 F4 FC, 28a 4 in 1 ESC, 40ch VTX 25-350mw • LEMON RX DSMP (DSMX COMPATIBLE) DIVERSITY SATELLITE • RunCam Micro Swift 2 2.1 lens ORANGE NO BOX • Xt60 pigtail • All necessary hardware for assembly
I would really appreciate it if anyone could give their two cents on this kit or point me in the direction of a good value diy fpv kit.
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2022.01.19 06:59 EugeneOlivier71717 When a colleague asks you if you are busy now when they know you have no work at the moment.

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2022.01.19 06:59 mozza8484 [PS4] H: b5025 fixer W: befr laser

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